Connections Outside Science

Let’s say you’re going to march, but you just like science. You don’t know a lot of scientists. Who else might you recruit?

Colorful network
Our networks can be beautiful!

There are a lot of people whose work depends on science indirectly. They might not realize how bad things are getting. Here are some folks you might want to recruit:

  • Other science enthusiasts. There are still a lot of people who don’t know about the march. Go to science events – we like those already! – and strike up a conversation. Visit the science museum. Go to the aquarium or the observatory. Talk to the next person in line for the telescope, or the person sitting next to you for the Science and Cooking lecture. Ask if they’re going to the march. (Bring fliers. Maybe.)
  • Architects, engineers, doctors, dentists, and other science-buddies. These folks know exactly how important fundamental science is.
  • Teachers. Even non-STEM teachers can appreciate the need to stand up for science, for outreach, and for getting kids to love learning. The odds are good that they’ll need your support in the near term as well.
  • Insurance. Surprised to see this on the list? A lot of insurance companies care about the weather. If NASA ends up having to look outward instead of inward, if NOAA and the EPA are prevented from sharing climate data, suddenly weather-oriented insurance becomes much more problematic. People working in insurance may not be willing to march, but they might be willing to run down this issue in other ways. The key will be reaching someone higher up, not just people who handle claims.
  • Finance. This is NOT a good time for tech startups. The current administration has a promise of deregulation, but if your granting agency pulls your funding, that’s catastrophic. As with insurance companies, this may not get more people to march, but it can apply pressure in other ways. Again, the higher up you can reach, the better.
  • Team “All The Marches”. If you have a friend who’s involved in a different area of political activism, ask them if they’d be willing to come to your march if you go to theirs (or make some phone calls, or do other things). Obviously, don’t do this for something you don’t believe in! However, if you’re in the “supporting but not acting” camp for their cause, maybe it’s time for you to stand up and act, and ask them to do the same for you.

Who else might be involved? Who else could we reach that we’re not thinking of?


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