Word from the AAAS

Stat has a good article interviewing the CEO and president of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Here’s a link:


Great pull quote:

…scientists have to be reminded that the response to a challenge to science is not to retreat to the microscope, to the laboratory, to the ivory tower. This requires vigorous defense. We think science is so beneficial to society that it should be defended.

And another:

There are more scientists this year who have contacted me about thinking about running for office than I have encountered ever, which is another indication of the state of anxiety out there. My first answer to them is, “Do it.” There’s no magic to it and it’s really hard, but it’s worthwhile. Why don’t scientists do it? I think the biggest reason is that they can’t get over this psychological hurdle that politics is dirty and science is clean.

I will note that their president is not quite ready to “get on the bus” to the protest yet, so you may want to encourage them. I know I will.


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