Signs Beyond the March

So you have this sign, but you’re not currently marching. What should you do with it?

Under New Management sign
Display it, of course!

Put it in the window at your lab, or at your home. Make sure it’s pointed outward so that people can see it.

This may mean you’ll be asked to explain it, which is exactly the point. It will help recruit people for the march. It will trigger the one-on-one conversations that we need in order to remind people of the benefits of science, and the humanity of scientists. It will keep science in the public eye.

Display the sign both before and after the march. (This is why I’m saying you should make your sign early.) Don’t toss that sign on the ground when you’re done. Don’t even throw it in the trash. Instead, bring it home! You’re going to be proud of this day. Keep the reminder. Keep it visible so that other people remember. Hang it in the window until it gets faded with sunlight and age – because well after that time, we will still be fighting the Republican leadership tooth and nail simply to have the option to do science at all. We’ll all need some courage to continue.


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