Words from Scientific American

Scientific American has a guest blog from Jonathan Foley and Christine Arena entitled “How to Defeat Those Who are Waging War on Science“. Here’s my favorite excerpt:

…nearly all scientists have great stories to tell. If probed, most will tell you how they always knew they wanted to be a scientist. Maybe they were the innately curious kid, who played in ponds, shorelines, and with weird electronics in their garage. Maybe they wanted to know how the world really worked, and didn’t mind getting their hands dirty in the process. Most likely, they were inspired by the natural world, or the inner working of machines, or the wonders of medicine. An inner spark was ignited and never went out, and they continue to carry it throughout their lives.

The article also sticks the landing. Read all the way through.

Here’s the link:


I’m also working on some more sign templates, and I’ve chosen the one I’m going to use myself! I’ll re-post links to the templates when I’ve added a few more.


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