Important: Multiple Marches in Boston


There will not be one single march in Boston on the 22nd. Instead, there will be several marches that all converge on Boston Common. From their recent e-mail:

…we are not going to be marching as a huge group. We kept the name “March for Science” to show our solidarity with the 514 similar events happening around the globe, but we also acknowledge the logistical flaws with marching in such a busy hub such as Boston. Though our event is very different from the Women’s March in terms of messaging, we have been trying to learn from them when it comes to logistics.

Instead, we have been encouraging local groups to foster marches TO the common. There will be at least nine marches TO the common, all of which are open to the public. Please follow this link for a comprehensive list of community events. There also will be several non-marching events, including a press conference on the misconception that religion and science are at odds, as well as a large Meditation event which will occur on the Common before and during the main event. We hope that you will find and join one of these which serve to complement our main event!

For more information and details on the individual marches, see



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