After the March

Boston was a blast this weekend. Very positive, very packed. Tons of support. Now that the march is done, we still have work to do. Check out for ways to follow up, to keep promoting science and put the pressure on legislators to listen to it. You probably won't see many more posts from this … Continue reading After the March


Important: Multiple Marches in Boston

IMPORTANT NEWS ABOUT THE BOSTON MARCH: There will not be one single march in Boston on the 22nd. Instead, there will be several marches that all converge on Boston Common. From their recent e-mail: ...we are not going to be marching as a huge group. We kept the name “March for Science” to show our … Continue reading Important: Multiple Marches in Boston

My Sign

I'm still not 100% decided - but I'm most likely to march with this: Don't forget to register if you're marching! It helps people coordinate the proper level of support. Here's the link for Boston, where I will be:

Great Signs from StandUp

Here are a couple of signs I really liked from the Stand Up For Science rally:        

Word from the AAAS

Stat has a good article interviewing the CEO and president of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Here's a link: Great pull quote: ...scientists have to be reminded that the response to a challenge to science is not to retreat to the microscope, to the laboratory, to the ivory tower. This requires … Continue reading Word from the AAAS